Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Antidepressants and Violence: The Web Page

There's a web site dedicated exclusively to documenting the use of prescription medications, specifically the "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors" (SSRIs) group that includes Prozac, by people who develop extremely painful "pseudomemories" and compulsions to take revenge for, or prevent others from, the abuse they come to believe they have survived.

You can sort by type of incident (school schooting, arson, plot, threat, etc.), by brand names of drugs involved, by date, or by place...what's obvious just from a glance at the index is that firearms, although useful to victims of Prozac Dementia, are not necessary. If they can't get guns, they'll use knives, bombs, motor vehicles, or whatever else they can use to kill people. Schools are frequent targets because these patients often think they remember being abused at school and/or they need to protect children; there are also patterns of Prozac Dementia where the patients blame co-workers and target their workplace, or where they don't formulate an explanation but just attack groups of strangers or recent acquaintances. And they nearly always end their crime sprees by attempting or committing suicide. Their only motive is relief from the intense chronic pain associated with this form of drug-induced insanity.

Thanks to Volunteer1776 for posting too many, too long, comments on Jason Howerton's report:

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