Monday, December 17, 2012

Gun Control Through Crisis?

Never allow a crisis to go to waste. I'm surprised Bart DePalma hasn't commented on the most recent news story that supports the title of his book...well, he's out West, and if he abstains from the Internet on weekends, his comments may appear here later today.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, who has read Never Allow a Crisis to Go to Waste, speaks for us in this post:

This web site, of course, also has a whole category for "Antidepressants and Violence," and the Newtown school shooting is being reported as a textbook case of the kind of violent insanity that's produced by certain drugs. A few drugs in this class are illegal; others, unfortunately, are frequently prescribed as antidepressants.

The comment of one Blaze reader, that all photos of the shooter since he was in high school make him look like a zombie, suggests that he'd been using one or more of these drugs for more than five years before developing violent insanity. So far, doctors have no way of predicting which patients are likely to develop "Prozac Dementia," and of course there's never been a way even to track the effects of illegal drugs with similar effects. Some users will "remember" having been the victims of horrible crimes that couldn't possibly have happened as reported, and want to take revenge, protect others from similar violence, or just end their own misery after taking one or two pills. Other users seem to enjoy a relatively safe "high" for several years.

Fair disclosure: when the first report of this story came in, I didn't want to touch it until we knew which drugs the Newtown murderer/suicide was on. And of course pharmaceutical companies have been leaning on the major commercial media, during the last twenty years or so, not to disclose this vital information...because prescription medication is more often involved in these stories, these days, than LSD or PCP.