Thursday, July 7, 2016

College Students Should Show Intelligence

Here's another petition this web site won't be supporting, although the basic idea seems to make sense...
Every year, billions of dollars in taxpayer money goes to subsidize one of the most profitable industries in human history: the oil industry. In 2014 alone, oil companies received more than $4 billion from US taxpayers, despite raking in hundreds of billions of dollars in profits. Meanwhile, we have a student debt crisis in our country. Millions of Americans face mountains of debt to get the education needed to make a good living.
It’s time to shift our priorities. We should be making college more affordable, not lining the pockets of the oil industry.
Imagine if we spent that $4 billion funding higher education for students, ensuring they are not saddled with ridiculous amounts of debt just as they are starting to build a future.
The American Dream is built on helping the next generation do better than the last. We are failing on that promise when youth are saddled with more than a trillion dollars in student debt. Society benefits more from affordable higher education than from oil companies’ profit margins. Join me in telling Congress to end the subsidies for the oil industry and instead invest in making higher education affordable.
It's time to move from big oil to big ideas! Let’s make sure our Representatives hear our voices and invest in our future!
Please sign and share. #4billion4us  
The trouble with this one is that college students are supposed to be showing the world how intelligent and talented they are. One way they can do that is by not getting into debt. If it costs too much to be a full-time student, you get a job and take one or two classes each term, as you can afford without going into debt, until you either give up or earn a degree. 
If the school administration is bothered by the number of students taking just one or two classes each term, it's up to them to do something about trimming the fat from the school administration budget, so that students can afford to take more classes and graduate faster. Most schools don't rely nearly enough on student labor, for either the schools' or the students' benefit.
So, although I'll agree that student debt is a problem, I don't agree that the way to solve that problem is just to throw money at it. No signature for this petition, thank you.