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July 28 Link Log

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Here's another way you can sponsor this web site, which may be more profitable for some people out there in cyberspace. I've not actually bought a lot of stuff from Amazon, apart from using online gift cards, because I've had more urgent uses for the money...but I could, if someone sponsored it, buy your stuff and review it (honestly) at Amazon. Amazon takes reviews only from accounts that have been used to buy a product from them. Anybody can set up an Associate blog and write about stuff we've acquired from some other source that happens to be on Amazon, like my books, but those reviews won't appear on your product's Amazon page or be counted into its overall star rating. E-mail salolianigodagewi @ yahoo if you want my review of your new book, or gadget or other product, to show on Amazon. (I see no reason why the same thing wouldn't work at E-Bay or, either.)


Cat models artificial tree, built just for indoor cats to scratch, climb, and hide on/in.

Cats don't sweat through their skins the way humans and horses do, but this super-fluffy cat learned to enjoy a breeze through her dense fur:

It's been quite a year for scarabaeid beetles, a.k.a. dungbeetles. The one photographed here is about four times the size of the ones I've seen:

Why we should never throw things at zoo animals: Once in a while, an elephant decides to throw something back.


Neil Gaiman introduces book jacket illustrator Robert McGinnis:

+Cynthia Sylvestermouse reviews Lyle Lyle Crocodile:


Wheeled cases are cool, but they've been around for so long, even I have a few. Here's the next wave: a wheeled case with GPS and a motor. When you get tired of pulling it, you can ride it! (Turn the seat/suitcase around like a bench instead of making the user straddle it, add power-generating pedals, a solar-panel roof, and zip-down rainproof walls, and you have the "Wheels" from the science fiction story I just wrote.) Warning: this page contains far too many videos and may jam some browsers.

Food (Yum) 

Banana pudding...definitely not for those trying to lose weight.


This prankster videotaped himself panhandling for money he didn't need, then giving out "rewards" to people who were "kind" enough to give him money. (It would've been even funnier if I'd met him outside a D.C. Metro station, recognized him as one of the better preserved panhandlers, and offered him a handful of money to carry my luggage...I used to do that regularly, and this guy would have had some explaining to do!)


John McDougall is sponsoring a "webinar," this week hosted by a younger doctor friend, that will be over by the time the Link Log goes live. (I put the link to the webinar on Google +.) Dr. McDougall also shared this magazine link:

Dan Lewis shares an example of selling, not telling, people a way to eat healthier.

What sort of unholy alliance would Bayer and Monsanto be? What about Dow and Dupont?


Dinesh D'Souza has struck it rich! Btw, just in case a certain old meme, which this web site debunked a few years ago, is still circulating out there...Jon Street's write-up includes a good clear picture of D'Souza. (Indian and Portuguese culture mingled at the southern tip of the peninsula, especially on Goa island.) The first person I ever heard say a good word for D'Souza was: Rush Limbaugh.


Has +Andria Perry got a cycle of niceness going?


Road-tripping Wendy and Jack Welch come to a sculpture garden:

Miniature sculpture gardens, "fairy" (I'd say "doll") gardens, are becoming quite a fad in this part of Ohio. Great summer fun for kids, and a way to get all those little doll accessories nobody actually plays with any more stored in an attractive, even tourist-attractive, installation off the living room floor!

Who said a normal-sized house can't look like a medieval castle?

Politics (Election 2016) 

The pro-Trump movement acquires a martyr:

And a king...well, a prince, anyway. (The name "Obama" means "king." The President's brother's Kenyan name, Malik, also means "king"...and in the U.S. he translates his given name, literally, as "Roy." But he's not actually been crowned yet.)

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign gets mixed reviews for exploiting Tim Kaine's language skills:

Politics (Philosophy) 

You don't coerce other people, so why would you want your government to?

Cliff Kincaid really, really disagrees with gazillionnaire philanthropist George Soros, for reasons this web site deems good and sufficient. (This web site hates nobody, and has commented favorably on Soros' longevity and vitality. This web site has not, however, pursued any of the grants or funds that have been set up to suck people into one or another of Soros' politically motivated schemes...and that's why I've not even applied for "all those writing grants out there.")

Here, a disappointed (disappointed?) Bernie Sanders fan comes completely unglued and illustrates your Spanish word for the day, which is rabia. Rabia can be used to translate "rabies" or "rage"; it specifically identifies insane behavior with anger, as distinct from locura, which would be more associated with mental problems, or tonteria, more associated with stupidity. In a sentence: En su rabia el loco casi se incendio.


Arthur C. Brooks' Conservative Heart mentions the phenomenon of social media, especially the photo-oriented ones, becoming a trigger for envy and resentment. Here's the latest discussion of this phenomenon from Google +, which is fairly photo-oriented itself...

Let's are some things posted on this topic at Blogjob last winter...

(which linked back to

and )

And here's the book:


At least their hearts are in the right place. "Outdoors in Virginia" sounds like more of an attraction for September rather than August...well, actually the last week of August usually isn't bad.


Did you know you could buy "thank you" stamps for mailing "thank you" cards?

Or cat stamps?

Solid Black Cat Stamp
Solid Black Cat Stamp by 1SheliaV
View Animal Stamps online at zazzle

I like the idea of a series of outdoor cat stamps, for people who see through the hatefulness of the "all cats should be permanently confined indoors" hysteria...