Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7 Link Log

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Graham Storrs' new book is available...if you count Kindle, which I don't, but I appreciate the traffic this site gets from his site anyway.

"What does the Bible have to say about transgender bathrooms?" a correspondent asks rhetorically. Bathrooms hadn't been invented; the Bible does tell travellers to carry something they can use for digging in order to bury bodywastes beside the trail. Nevertheless, here's this year's latest Bible-for-today book:

(Would the McDougalls send out cookies? Anyway, here's a link to the book they recommend this summer--why not a picture with this one too? Not on Amazon yet; go there as soon as the temporary link expires.)

Whole Food Plant Based


Sermon for the week:


More fires, these in California:

Homicides aren't full-scale disasters, but the Tweets are if people think expressing empathy for the loss of these guys will prevent disaster reactions. Many people who read this web site don't get many opportunities to agree with our President. Here's one. (It's on Facebook, but, surprisingly, it opened right up for me.)


It's possible that this web site also uses cookies. Oh well. They're selling a vinegar-based "weed spray." I'm in favor of it, but it's important to mention a big difference between the way we use vinegar-based weedkillers and the way ignorant people use deadly poisons that kill birds. Notice that the vinegar-based Weed Kleen comes in a squirt bottle, not a spray atomizer. It is for squirting...directly onto the cut root of a weed, or onto a weed itself if for some reason you don't want to dig or pull it out of the ground. It works because it's acid. You don't want that much acid diffused through your soil. You use Weed Kleen, or salt and vinegar shaken in a bottle, or salad dressing ditto, very sparingly and specifically on weeds only.

From the same Twits, here are tips on getting rid of wasps...if you really want to. Why would you want to get rid of paper wasps? They're not cuddly pets, they're not very bright, and they don't live very long, but as each generation gets to know "their" resident humans and other larger animals, they actually become protective friends. (One year one queen wasp, for whatever reason, didn't build a nest, but just perched near my bed, day and night, watching for mosquitoes. Nothing bit me. Nothing stung me. I missed her when she died, quite "old," after almost seven weeks.) Oh. Right. Allergies. Well...this web site is sorry for people who have severe allergies.

For those who like "Golden Rice," in theory...and I have to admit I've wondered what it tastes like and whether it'd make me sick! The good news here is that cautious people in the Philippines are truly winning, not just knee-jerking against something new. They've "managed to slash the incidence of Vitamin A deficiency using non-GMO methods." Hurrah!

(Btw, I miss updates from Steve Milloy, Publius Huldah, and Liz Curtis Higgs, which had been coming in the e-mail rather than the blog feed or Google +; re-adding them is another thing I'll do when I have lots of free online time. However...Wordpress...see below.)

What Next? 

Here's the comment I posted in reply to an e-friend's blog post at :

"My blogging buddy, who is still Highly Sensory Perceptive and easily awakened by light and sound at 80, loves her house because it has a windowless basement room that can be made dark as a cave at night! She jokes about being an Old Bat, but she seriously likes that dark!"

Wordpress claims that this comment contains an Inappropriate Word. I tested; "bat," "cave," "loves," "likes," and "buddy" aren't it. Would anyone like to guess which of those words was inappropriate?

All I can say is, please shun Wordpress, Gentle Readers.

And for the ultimate idiocy...It's Thursday, though Friday's coming, and as I wrap up the week-between-Friday-Markets with four dollars and a bit of change (which means I do at least eat), some IDJIT just e-mailed me a plea to send money to Donald Trump. At least the idjit was alert enough to block replies, so let's say it here. Anybody who even thinks about asking a penniless widow for money to send to any billionnaire, even an honest one, needs medical help now.