Friday, July 29, 2016

July 29 Link Log

A whole afternoon with no politics to speak of? I almost made it...until a sudden rain blew up and trapped me here in the cafe! (Update: 7:30 p.m., rain has stopped, and I'd better run now in time to stop at the store and get home before it rains again. I will be missing most of the live concert outside the cafe, after hearing the band tune up. Apart from the bass and amps being overboosted, which seems obligatory these days, they're pretty good...for a free live show.) Categories: Amazon, Animal, Books, Family, Fashion, Green, Music, Nature, Pictures, Politics, Psychology, Sports, Technology, Washington, Women's Issues, Zazzle.


It's here...the book I bought from Amazon with the gift card in which I got paid, earlier this month, from another site.


Too many pictures for some browsers, but...tigers! Including a white tiger!


Have you read Penny Nance's Feisty and Feminine yet?

Ruth O'Neil's Real Food for Real Kids?

And this one...this site is supposed to use the word "Hell" only in promoting the tourist town in Michigan, so here's a shout to Michigan (which is not the topic of the book). Despite some vulgar language, I had to read all the comments, and now I want to read We Hillbillies.

One more non-Amazon new-book link: Fifth District e-friend Ken Rietz releases inspirational memoir--"Losing Sight, Gaining Insight."


I commented on this post, but long ago Marge Piercy wrote a better comment on this topic: "Let me...Live long enough to tell my love / To all the ones I love."

(Not a Christian book by any stretch, but I'll be forever grateful to the teacher who put it on the reading list at my church's a good book.)


Cat...print socks? Very, very cute. Btw, I can knit cat images right into hand-knitted cotton socks that are thick enough to wear as slippers, ideal for wearing with Birkenstocks. Two styles--ordinary "knee socks" or a diabetic-friendly style I call "flop-top socks." E-mail salolianigodagewi @ yahoo if you want some. They cost $15 a pair, $5 a package, online. If you send measurements--toe to heel, floor to top of sock, circumference of top of sock, circumference of widest part of leg below top (for knee socks), circumference of ankle (for knee socks), width at toe--you can order socks custom-fitted to the intended wearer.

About hair...mine is still sable; only at close range, in a good light, does my gray show. I'm not taking any vows never to experiment with dye. But I was born to parents in their thirties, and although Mother's hair grayed slowly, illness caused her to move "old"; any time my parents went anywhere with other relatives, people always guessed that one or another of the cousins would be my parents and my parents must be my grandparents. And guess what, parents of America? It didn't do me one bit of harm. It did give me time to notice that white hair is beautiful.

I was especially piqued by this article because of the people who reportedly complain about having a white streak...I remember that dyeing in a streak, if unable to grow one, was a fad once. After the fad passed I've known only one woman who had a streak of white hair amidst the black. It looked awesome. I couldn't imagine I'd ever look (or be) as glamorous as she was. But I've always cherished a faint, doomed hope that I might at least grow a white streak, some day. If blessed with one, I'd flaunt it!


Not exactly news, but I hadn't seen it before: tracks exactly how Monsanto got those scientists to say good things about their "Roundup-Ready" and otherwise genetically modified food/poison products.

Meanwhile, in breaking news, Monsanto violates the law again:

And some think Monsanto may even be able to sneak (poisonous to some) "Roundup-Ready" "foods" around a loophole in the new federal GMO labeling law. We need to be telling those who produce the food we eat to get those "GMO-Free" labels front and center. There's more than one way to hit Monsanto in the pockets.

Click...I've not had a problem with soy products lately, but I've not had a noticeable reaction to formaldehyde. Grandma Bonnie Peters...hasn't read this article. She should, because she is sensitive to formaldehyde. And if any of you Gentle Readers find yourself reacting strangely to "new" things--that shiny-new smell (as distinct from "new car smell") found in paper, fabric, furniture and sometimes food products is the smell of formaldehyde. Your allergist probably won't test you for formaldehyde allergies. That doesn't mean they can't be the primary allergy underlying your reactions to all kinds of surface irritants like dust, pollen, and "dander." Formaldehyde is hard to escape, and some people really need to escape it.


I hope it's digitally modified...this video suggests that the pianist has set up a good piano (and violin) in the lake.


Rare wildflowers:


"Good cop" pictures, shared by Kyle Foley:


Some of the houses where the people who build and advertise those "fairy gardens" live. (The previous post at this blog showed the gardens.)

I'm at the Family Bakery, an Internet Cafe. They sell T-shirts as well as food and drinks...and since someone at another site asked what I'd offer to a visitor to my town, here's a photo of the shirt that lists our Main Tourist Attractions. One shirt, front and back. (These are places where people in Gate City go; none of them is physically located inside Gate City. Worth the trip though.)


Can Candidate Clinton really offer free college education to everyone? Eric Boehm says it all:


And we should be very, very cautious about these "strong, resilient" people. I had one of those parents who tell five-year-old girls they're too big to cry, too. And "Why didn't you stand up and turn that runaway mule?" And other mean, insensitive things that do indeed help build a tough, brave daughter...who never thinks of the nicest, most empathetic things to say to other people, the way females are supposed to do.

I don't see Hillary Rodham Clinton "harsh" or "cold" or "non-nurturing" at all, but then some people (who don't know me well) claim to see me in those ways too. (In real life, I mean. I'm aware that writing is more of a "thinking/judging" than a "sensing/feeling" activity in any case; in real life, although there's no question about my being an introvert, I seem to be pretty well balanced between INTJ and ISFP.) Most readers of this site probably oppose HRC's politics based on her record and stated intentions, but this web site cautions people against judging the woman unfairly based on her "strong, resilient" personality and myopic blue eyes.


Linked to this bit of bad news...

...Charles Barkley:


Elizabeth Barrette posted this as a comment on a link; I'm sharing it because of the number of people who weighed in in favor of devices that may not do as much, but can be understood and repaired indefinitely, rather than forcing users to buy new ones. I wouldn't have a car, washing machine, etc., that's controlled by a lot of elaborate "sensors" that are programmed to self-destruct in X number of days. I'm using a laptop computer because somebody gave me one, but I wouldn't buy one; my computer, the one on which I write, is fully repairable, with parts the local wizard can snap out and replace as needed--and, for reasons of security, no access to the Internet whatsoever. And, as this web site noted earlier this summer...the list of people who use older, less fancy, less flah stuff for reasons of security (and functionality) includes the Pentagon.

Got Windows 10, with everything automatically backed up into the cloud, on a phone that's programmed to die within a year if you don't drop it before that? Fine for you...I'll skip the rant about what "recycling" throwaway cell phones really does for the Earth, for now. Just make sure you don't do anything except post fully public comments on fully public sites. Personal letters should be written by hand, on paper, anyway.

(If you scroll down through the comments, you'll see some comments on yesterday's Modoluggage link, too. I still think it's dang cute for those who like its style, and every possible development in this field adds a few voices to the chorus demanding slow-traffic lanes...but yes, it's already subject to what many potential users would call improvement.)

More on the same theme:

On a different technological theme, Dan Lewis links to a requiem for the original Yahoo:

Washington, D.C. 

If there's one thing I miss about Washington, it's Metrorail...the way it used to be. Which makes a point that I suppose might be called political...Metrorail was a beautiful, splendid, shining idea. People believed in it; people backed it; people loved it with a passion. For several years the little electric-powered trains ran every three minutes, smoothly, quietly, cleanly, without a hitch. The train you see derailed at the link below was meant to whir past traffic jams along Route 66, nonverbally telling the world, "If you'd had the sense to park your car and board the train, you'd be downtown in fifteen minutes." Washingtonians got the message. People rode Metrorail for fun on the weekends, memorized the stations in order, bought T-shirts with route maps on them. But it just wasn't sustainable. The transition off public funding was never made; the cost of operation grew and grew, and the income failed to keep up, and inevitably the quality of service declined. Some things that sound too good to be true, are.

Women's Issues 

Some words used in this article will never be quoted at this web site, but...

It is easy to dismiss the inherent interest of raising children because such a profoundly meaningful period in life comes to us cloaked in so many boring and pedestrian details: breast pumps and counting wet diapers, homework and vaccination schedules. But any soldier will tell you that much of the Army is similarly boring and routine. Yet we do not ask a war poet, Do you ever worry your work will become clouded with bureaucratic detail?

(Women's history link: if you click back, the article before that one at Velamag was a beautiful tribute to the late Whitney Houston.)


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