Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sex in Fairfax County Schools?

They're talking about gender identity...but they're talking about teenagers, so, yes, they're talking about sex. As in group restroom stalls: "Like, Heidi (as in Abromowitz) thinks she might be a guy trapped in a girl's body, see, and that's why she has such a compulsive need for sex...and that's why the whole team gave her money, too. So she can pay for counselling, like."

Or maybe: "Well, you know what a good friend of mine Hugh (as in Hefner) is, so when he went into the girls' restroom thinking he might be a girl trapped in a male body, I had to spend the whole third period in there, like, talking through it with him...and that's why I think I'm pregnant."

Do we have any readers in Fairfax County, Virginia? If you're in Fairfax County, or expect to be there during the school year, please read these proposed guidelines for your school system. They want to fling wide the doors to that kind of thing, and more.

Now, how will this affect your children, if you have children? I don't know. I do know that, from grades three to six, I wouldn't go into a school restroom, just because of the odor; I wouldn't even peek around the door to find out whether other people were using a group restroom at the time. I preferred to make myself sick from autointoxication rather than from breathing other people's odors and germs. I was by no means the only one; I don't know whether any of us talked about this with our parents, but most of the kids I called friends seemed to agree with me about the relative disgustingness of the options available to us. So the position of this web site is that keeping boys out of the girls' restroom is only the tip of the iceberg. Little girls can and will learn how to discourage exhibitionism in little boys, but some of them will miss a lot of school before their bodies "learn" any resistance to Norwalk Flu.

I say remodel. If that means putting some hardworking local youth through a term or two of college, for a county like Fairfax that should be considered a bonus. All school restrooms should be unisex, wheelchair-friendly, and single-user. Maybe places like Lee County still have an excuse for maintaining group restrooms, but Fairfax County can afford to show the rest of Virginia how things are done.

Anyway, here's the strategy the Concerned Women of Fairfax County propose for county residents, via e-mail rather than a web site, which is why it's copied here rather than linked:

Superintendent Garza
Board Chairman
  • Thank the board for rescheduling this matter for a full working board meeting!
  • Keep the pressure up to consider the implications for all students, and demand a full report from the consultant.
  • Ask for sufficient answers to questions regarding religious freedom, children’s health and safety, and specifics on transgender policies like potential urinals in the female restroom or different-sized sports equipment.

There will still be a board meeting this Thursday, July 14, at 7:00 p.m. at Luther Jackson Middle School! Showing up will help keep pressure on the board to hear our side. Citizen speakers are expected to address some of these issues during their talks! Join like-minded groups, wear red.

Watch for further updates on a new date for the full working board meeting to address the transgender guidelines!