Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dog Days: General Update

(This post started out as a general introduction skimming over several things that won't get individual links in the Link Log, and grew into a separate post.

Mid-July weather is here. I spent almost ten hours draining water and minerals out of my body into the bed, and still feel tired even as I begin rehydrating at the cafe. Out in cyberspace, some people are having even worse times. Somebody's actually got up a petition about dogs in 120-degree (Fahrenheit) heat. Duh. If after all these years any of this web site's regular readers need to be told to offer shade, water, and fresh air to your dogs or cats, then I really have lived in vain.

Evidently a lot of people's minds are melting in the heat. One small stack of e-mails reminds me that Black Lives Matter. Duh...of course they do. Another small stack reminds me that Blue Lives Matter. Duh...of course they do. Maybe reminding dark-skinned youth that Blue Lives Matter, and reminding police officers that Black Lives Matter, will do some good. Right, you've all been reminded. Personally I'm more concerned with finding and ingesting enough ice to fend off heatstrokes.

No, this web site will not agree that "Black Lives Matter" is, in and of itself, a terrorist slogan. No, that wouldn't make it the first reasonable, almost universally supported slogan that's ever been exploited by terrorists. What was the first? "Abortion Stops a Beating Heart" has no chance, Gentle Readers. I've read some cogent claims for "God Wills It," as publicly uttered by Richard I of England. If you've read more ancient history than I have and want to make the case for another good thought that was co-opted by proto-terrorists, please share it.

And as for Congress...they all have my deepest sympathy as they survive one more week of this weather exacerbated by the local warming effect in Washington. Mercy, Percy. More ice and less alcohol will help. So will remembering what creates local warming--pavement, cars, air conditioning, lots of bodies exuding 98.6 or higher Fahrenheit temperatures into the air. When seeking relief, please car-pool to Clarksville or Centerville, Washington readers.