Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13 Link Log

Hurrah, I'm getting back into that backlog of e-mails. Categories: Amazon, Animal, Books, Charity, Christian, Cyberstuff, Food, Fun, History, Marketing, Money, Venezuela Update, Zazzle.


Amazon uses cookies. The Daily Caller uses cookies. If you are or shop for a man who has "Greek" or "Morton's" toe shapes, you may not care about the cookies here. I have Morton's Toe (first and second toes end about the same distance from heel, second toe joint furthest from heel). While I was a massage therapist I noticed that regular massage customers tend to have either Morton's Toe or "Greek" foot shapes (kite-shaped foot, second toe longer than first). People with either of these minority foot shapes have two things in common--stiff or tense back muscles, and difficulty finding shoes that really fit even when the length and width look right. Men with these foot shapes tell me Rockport shoes are the ones that fit their feet. They look stiff, but if they're right for your feet these casual shoes will feel more supportive than Reeboks or Nikes.

Jack Kocsis found the sale first, so go ahead and use his link to buy the shoes. What "Join Prime" link will this site use? Hmm...what about a treat for Michael J. Fox fans?

Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy (Blu-ray + DIGITAL HD)


If I'd found a permanent link for this photo shared on Twitter, I'd link to it...I'm sharing it here by permission of the Twit known as @FarmFairyCrafts . Anyway, here are Brown China geese in their beauty. These are a special kind of birds. They like being leaders and guardians of a flock; I can believe they'll take over a flock of chickens, because I've seen them take over flocks of ducks and flocks of Canada geese.

Meanwhile, in Illinois, government officials are coveting a couple of hand-fed pet deer, orphaned shortly after birth and reared by humans. Does anyone out there not know this? Although we've heard phrases like "gentle deer," meaning that the animals are herbivores, male deer are not gentle animals. They fight for status. They get big enough that, if they've lost their normal fear of humans or motor vehicles, they can do a lot of damage to both. These two cute little fellows have full-sized "racks" of antlers, which means they're old enough that, if removed from the custody of someone they've learned to respect and turned out on their own, they'll be dangerous. The other alternative is killing them. This is "preserving resources"? This is "caring for animals"?


John McDougall has a new book coming out; it can be pre-ordered here:

Coincidentally, a book this web site recently discussed is being made into the summer's blockbuster movie:


This web site tested GoFundMe and doesn't like it. (If you cause my cell phone to jingle before you've sent me a $40 phone card, I will never like you.) So this web site recommends reading this page...

...and then, if you want to help, send postal orders to Mark Wachtler - PO Box 300942 - Chicago, IL 60630, or Paypal funding to:


Daniel Im's article about Dietrich Bonhoeffer seems meant to introduce a new biography of one of the twentieth century's best known radical Christians.

And Christians may need to get radical. Allowing any encroachment on the status of churches that refuse to perform interracial weddings, or any other weddings for any other reason pastors or members offer, was a dangerous wrong move. Do I think Americans have the right to interracial marriage? Duh. Both my husband and I were products of multiple interracial marriages. Did we have the right to be married, or for that matter to be members, of any particular church? No. We had the right to walk out of churches with which we disagreed. All sensible people have that right, and should enjoy and exercise it liberally. Our disagreement in no way affects other people's right to be recognized as sincere believers of whatever they may believe, as long as they're not actively doing material harm to other people.


Google relaunched in Europe. European readers seem to be just discovering this blog--no individual post seems to be getting more than the usual amount of attention, but overall readership just multiplied by ten. We especially welcome new Swedish, British, Latvian, Dutch, and Bosnian readers, and hope some of them like this site and become regular readers.

Here, in honor of our Swedish readers (and of public libraries that cherish old books), is one of the other books I've been able to find by one of Sweden's best loved authors. Not a great image, and you should know that a newer English edition is available, but this 1924 edition of Marbacka is the one I've read. (If I sell it, it'll cost more than the copy you see below.)

Flower is possible to plant iris rhizomes in high summer. People usually plant them in autumn, and I've thinned and replanted them as late as the first of April. They probably won't bloom until next spring, but they can be planted now. Anyway, pretty pictures here.


Hardly the ideal season for a recipe for orange jam, but here's one that sounds interesting:

Experts discuss the fact that there's hardly such a thing as a "healthy food," considered by itself--that specific food items are more or less healthy depending on how they work within the balance of what a person eats, overall. If someone is really starving or going into insulin shock, pure sugar wouldn't be junk; it'd be a literal "Life Saver." So, it's not that simple carbs are "bad," it's that a lot of people eat more simple carbs than they (we) need.

Fun Stuff 

Kingsport launches Fun Fest this weekend. I think there's only one Mardi Gras in the calendar, but for anyone in search of something different to do...there's only one Kingsport Fun Fest a year, also, and it's about to start.

Should "Florida" be a separate category, when we already have "Fun Stuff"?


What Election 2016, U.S.A., and Shaka Zulu have in common...oh dittos! Megadittos!

Jeb Bush feels the pain:


Simon Mainwaring discusses some things we can learn from Ben & Jerry. He's right, and where does that leave most of this site's readers? Where's the great generational wave of nostalgia "conservative" businesses can tap into? We don't even have a real Republican candidate left in the race, still less one who reminds people of Ronald Reagan.


Y'know, it's not just the unpaid "volunteers" in all these left-wing offices (and the feel-good charities the left favors) who suffer from the double standard discussed here. It's the whole local economy. Paid workers spend money in local stores, save it probably in local banks, or give it to local charities. Unpaid workers, well, don't. (The position of this web site remains: it's fine to give things to friends in need, and it's reasonable to work cheap if you're not yet up to the standard for which people are willing to pay, but it's antisocial to participate in exploitation by giving away something for which someone else, if not you, needs and deserves fair payment.)


How bad is a "radical librarian"? Does she discard valuable books for no good reason? Decide she disapproves of people earning their living on the Internet and has a right to interfere with that? (Not at the Library of Congress, surely.) Order that the priority for service shall be Democrats, students, tourists, then Republicans, rather than politicians, appointees, then students, and then tourists?

Venezuela Update


When you don't know a cat's birthday, you can still throw a Paw Party. (Works for dogs too.)

A stamp seemed like the logical thing to "design" at Zazzle to go with an invitation card, but it seems the Postal Service does have to approve designs for designer stamps! (Reminds self to edit this post if the stamp is actually released for mailing use.)