Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15 Link Log

Wow--no politics! Enjoy your weekend :-) Categories: Amazon, Animals, Christian, Condolences, Economy, Fun, Health, Zazzle.

Amazon Link 

If anybody doesn't recognize the (mis)quote under "Christian," below, or the tune for that matter, the following book will explain it to you.


Belated Independence Day eagles.


Dang-all if I know what the next step toward launching my debt-free bookstore is going to be, but I'm not going back (i.e. to debt, crime, or welfare-cheating). Forward to my final bed or to victory. Your support of the online bookstore, or non-support, decides which, Gentle Readers. If you enjoy the Link Logs, don't skip the book reviews.

(While I'm here: I can't review a book I have not personally read from cover to cover. You, however, win the right to post your review of a book you've read and I've not read, whenever you buy a book here. You can say what you like about the book, under your own name. Yes, that means you can market evangelical books, Positive Thinking books, "gay" books, whatever, as long as your review (a) doesn't contain graphic sex, violence, or blasphemy, and (b) delivers fair warning to readers if you're reviewing a book that does contain those things.)


Possibly the first time this web site has wished anybody a happy Bastille Day (while pre-scheduling a book review, I typed that in), it's been a horrible the city whose actual name is Nice, yet. This web site officially expresses condolences to anyone who feels more aggravated than piqued by the irony.


Um...Jim Hightower is a deeply nice guy, but just a tiny bit uninformed. I waded into the "gig economy" at seventeen, and as long as there's enough water to swim in it I'd rather swim in it than row in the galleys of some corporate ship. But he's right on one part of what he's saying. When corporate workers are thrown out into a "gig economy" that's already to dry to float those of us who know how to swim or paddle in it, who like being independent contractors, have always been independent contractors, and just aren't finding decent contracts any more...that is mean. Cruelty to dumb animals.

Faith (Not Christian) 

Bolivia officially affirms a religious faith in the "personhood" of the Earth Goddess Pachamama. I don't think this would work in most countries. I think our planet is probably better off with laws that affirm the rights of individuals not to be harmed by pollution, under traditional criminal laws about poisoning. It'll be interesting to see how this works for Bolivia, though.

Fun Stuff 

Dan Lewis's "Weekender" includes an item about "survivorship bias." A good example of survivorship bias may be detected in my mid-July post, triggered by that preposterous Washington Post story this morning. But do people who've been lucky flatter themselves that they've been smart, or is it smart to attend to little details that help people get lucky? Fascinating report.

For local lurkers' calendars, something different at Natural Tunnel:


From an immunologist, even if it's posted at a chiropractor's web site, here's a (dead obvious, except to vaccine marketers) debunking of the silliest vaccine-marketing scare tactics.


Y'know, Blogger doesn't really like these Zazzle links. Google and Zazzle need to work it out. Apparently what I use is http, and Blogger's problem is that some of you may be using https, which may be disabling the Zazzle image links. I say that's less bad than disabling them for the version of Blogspot I use myself, so I'm leaving them in. If you readers are using https and not seeing the Zazzle pictures, please let me know.

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