Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27 Link Log

Whew...did I really just post all the book reviews for the entire month of August? How time flies when we're having fun! And I found time for a few quick links, too. Categories: Animals, Food, Politics, Sports, Writing, and can I throw in an Amazon and Zazzle link? Yes, one of each...


Why would anyone return an animal to a shelter? Unfortunately, some animals have been traumatized by the shelter experience. When we adopt shelter pets, we need to plan on time for readjustment.

(Y'know, my spring kitten Violet, the only one still at the Cat Sanctuary, hardly acts like a Pet--although she is a Listening Pet. I have to remind her from time to time that she's getting "paid" to act like a cat not a possum. Why? Because she's a smart, social cat, and because her foster sister/mother Inky and brother-or-foster-dad Tickle are still at the Cat Sanctuary...and they tell her that they want to go on being the cute kittens who get petted and played with! Adolescence is tough. Inky and Tickle are good-sized as kittens go (bigger than some adult cats), will probably be large adult cats next year, and don't go up to just every old body right away, but they still need a lap of their very own to curl up on. Just because Tickle takes after his big polydactyl grandfather, and Inky takes after her broad-beamed Manx ancestors...they're actually younger than kittenish-looking, Siamese-shaped Elmo and Sisawat, and every bit as kittenish. My point here is that there can be all kinds of reasons why pets need to learn gradually to play and snuggle with humans.)

Food (Yum)'s about time someone shared a good recipe. People have been posting them, just not at sites I've visited...

Dog treats good enough for humans to gnaw on...actually humans might enjoy these more than the dog!

Politics (Election 2016) 

Ted Nugent says his list of reasons to vote for Trump is too special not to share:

While Scott Adams just tells it like it is: some for...a man.

Photo of Trump making V. Putin look (comparatively) charming and, yes, gentlemanly.

Politics (Global) 

The Washington Post polled ordinary residents of five Arab countries about ISIS. Whether the respondents knew the poll was sponsored by a U.S. newspaper or not is unclear. Anyway, most of them expressed a resounding lack of sympathy for the terrorist group. Support for ISIS reaches a peak of one favorable response out of twenty among uneducated young men in Tunisia.

Politics (Philosophy) 

Power-grabbers in the Catholic Church vow to make Senator Kaine's life as Vice-President difficult:

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Alicia Keys has just demonstrated:

Speaking of insanity...the man who injured Jim Brady and, arguably, Sarah Brady, is being released...


Richard Sherman agrees with Michael Jordan:


Why self-publishing is not the best route for most serious writers to take...although it's ideal for souvenir books like school/company yearbooks, family/company histories, etc.