Friday, March 1, 2013

A Jahrtzeit for Breitbart

A jahrtzeit (yartzeit, yortzeit, it's Yiddish so all spellings are phonetic) is the observation of the anniversary of someone's death, and here is one for Andrew Breitbart.

Ann-Marie Murrell didn't write it as a jahrtzeit. She wrote it on the occasion and is posting it now, while she's on vacation.

As I upload things I originally wrote for Associated Content or even before that, for consideration and possible updating and posting here, I find consolation in knowing that other people allow long time gaps to form between writing things and publishing them--even when it's self-publishing on a blog, for pity's sake!--too.

(My excuse is that I compose my more ambitious work on a modem-free computer in my Internet-free home, and save it on floppy disks, and then have to upload it onto a computer that has Internet access, even to get it here. Uh, no points for guessing...I am not the only person on Earth who still uses floppy disks, and when Cornerstone Communications opens, we will do our best to provide every computer we have with a floppy drive.)