Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morgan Griffith Shares Survey Results

Fair disclosure: I'm not the correspondent from Gate City cited below. I received a survey by real mail in time to fill it out, but didn't mail it back in time for it to show up on Congressman Griffith's web site, as discussed in his e-newsletter:

"Late in 2012 and early this year, my office sent surveys to many throughout the Ninth District seeking feedback on legislative issues. I am pleased to report that we received more than 16,000 responses to these surveys. The results of the survey have been posted here on my website for your review.

Some of the more than 16,000 responses agreed with my positions, others differed, and many contained individual, hand-written feedback that included criticisms, compliments, frustrations, prayers, or questions. Here are just some of the interesting hand-written comments:
  • From Wise: “Remember that Southwest VA doesn’t end in Abingdon, VA. The coal mines help a lot of our families.”

  • From Bland: “Why does Obama get millions of dollars for vacations on our taxes and borrowed money when I haven’t had a vacation in years? But yet our taxes keep going up along with everything else. Makes no sense to me.”

  • From Max Meadows: “Will this survey have any effect as to what Congress decides? Doubtful!!!”

  • From Bristol: “[Representative] Hoyer says ‘spending does not cause debt.’ Where is all this debt coming from. Maybe terrorists are shipping it in from overseas.”

  • From Martinsville: “We consider North Korea to be of more danger [than] Iran.”

  • From Riner: “Being the victims of an attempted home invasion with a man with a gun, we would not be alive if I did not own a gun to defend my home and life with. I think citizens should be able to vote on proposals by OUR government.”

  • From Gate City: “I do not have e-mail. The cost of cable and internet is too high. Power bills are extremely high; also fuel costs. Our elderly people cannot afford these bills, and this does not count health care. Please keep me informed by mail.”

I try to listen to my constituents’ concerns, wants, and needs, and value all feedback from residents of the Ninth District. If you would like to submit your feedback on these issues or any other, I invite you to do so at www.morgangriffith.house.gov .