Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oklahoma House Bill 1412: Agenda 21 Opposed

Oklahoma House Bill 1412 is...hard to find. I happen to be using the oldest computer in the building today; none of them handles PDF documents smoothly, but this one won't open PDF's at all. So I can tell you that this bill, which has passed the House vote in Oklahoma, has its own web page where it's easy to find links to either the summary or the full text of HB 1412--and neither of those links works for me. If you want to try your luck, here's the home page:

Karen Bracken and other Tea Partiers who've been tracking this bill say it's a shining example to all of us, and urge everyone to thank Oklahoma's State Representative Sally Kern. (The idea is to let her know that she's being acclaimed all across the country.) This is good news...I wish I could say more.

Well, I will say more. This web site hasn't had a separate label for news from Oklahoma, until today. Now it has one. Anti-Agenda 21 legislation has made Oklahoma a state of particular interest to this web site.