Monday, March 18, 2013

Phenology: Kittens and Daffodils

After hacking has made cyberspace such an unfriendly place, it's nice to report only nice things from real life. March came in like a lion but now we're seeing signs of spring.

On Saturday, the cat Candice gave birth to four kittens. As the crocus blooms began to fade, the vinca (periwinkle) above them maintained their purplish color note. Just before the fourth kitten was born, during a phone conversation I told Grandma Bonnie Peters that the daffodils hadn't bloomed yet. Half an hour after that phone conversation the first daffodil bloom opened.

In town, lots of celandine is about to bloom, and dandelions are starting to pop up. More beds of sloping ground are showing a cover of ground-ivy rather than Bermuda grass--a great improvement, since ground-ivy doesn't have to be mown. One lucky homeowner still has front steps lined on both sides with rows of daffodils.

So far this morning I've received relatively little e-mail, but at least none of it indicates any further success at committing fraud in my name.