Monday, March 25, 2013

Karen Bracken on Local School Boards

Karen Bracken shares a round of e-mails, with links, edited for format and clickability. Note that Amazon isn't showing a link for the book Common Core, The Trojan Horse for Education Reform. Some readers may want to know where to buy this book...scroll down for the update.

I think your folks might be very interested in this email I got from the state Director of Eagle Forum in California. Below her email is comment from Charlotte Iserbyt (Reagan Dept. of Ed). Followed by the article. I too highly recommend the book referenced below by Stanley Kurtz. The wheels of the plan are in motion folks. We will start to see more and more schools shut down.
Karen Bracken

Camden, New Jersey, just became the fourth city to lose local control over its schools. They have now been taken over by the State. Does that improve education any? No, but it allows bigger State government and more control over local citizen's taxes. How much easier it will be to push through a big, top-down federal education program like Common Core when you don't have to worry about local school districts and parents who might not like such a program. What can parents do? Who do they go to when they do not like what they see going on in their schools?
We are seeing the same push for control by bigger regional and State governments in our city and county governments. California is divided up into 18 big regional governments that are usurping control over our cities and counties. Transportation funds are linked to the sustainable development changes in the cities and counties. If local governments do not approve and implement the changes, they will not get their transportation funds to improve the roads.
One of the goals is to move people out of the suburbs and rural areas and force them into the cities. They are doing the same through Common Core. Part of Obama's Social Justice plans for Common Core is to take money from the schools in the suburbs and give it to the inner city schools, forcing the suburban schools to have to close. This is written about in the book by Stanley Kurtz called Spreading the Wealth. It is also written about in my book, Common Core, The Trojan Horse for Education Reform.
--- On Mon, 3/25/13, Charlotte Iserbyt wrote: 
Educational Titanic. Start with the inner city schools first; then collapse the rest of them.

Get rid of elected officials!

Once that is done, anything goes. We have lost our freedoms under the Constitution.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of "the deliberate dumbing down of america", it is available from 3D Research at

Which city is next? Polly
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Karen Bracken - I WILL NOT COMPLY - WILL YOU?"

UPDATE: Minutes after this post appeared, KB replied with information about how to buy Common Core, the Trojan Horse for Education Reform:

The author is Orlean Koehle. You can buy the book from her Common Core website. She is an awesome lady. CA State Director for Eagle Forum and retired teacher.
I paid $30 for 2 books. If you buy 1 book they are $18. I called about a discount rate for quantity and was told she publishes the book herself and just about covers her costs. But you might try calling the number provided to see if anything has changed (that is if you are interested in buying quantity).