Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hacker Update?

Maybe the person who hacked into my Yahoo account is a fan?

This message from Rand Paul was in my in-box today:

"Dear Priscilla,

Thank you for your donation to the Stand with Rand Money Bomb.

Your contribution means the world to me.

It's great to know that we stand together in defense of the Constitution.

Thanks to your support, we sent a loud-and-clear message to Washington that we will not sit idly by while our God-given rights are stripped away.

As promised, here is the link to my CPAC speech, so you can see the message you helped send. "

If I had e-money to spare, this would be a welcome response to a gift of, as discussed last week, $90. But I do not have e-money to spare. I did not donate money to the Money Bomb. My e-mail was hacked into by someone in, according to the computer, Turkey. Is it possible that someone in Turkey hacked into my e-mail for the purpose of supporting Rand Paul?

If so, much as I like Senator Paul, I have to condemn the person(s) in Turkey. This is not the way the game is played. You have to play by the rules to win. Cheaters aren't wanted on this team.

If you are not a U.S. voter and want to show support for Rand Paul, you can buy his new book, Government Bullies, new from the publisher. If you want to show support for Rand Paul and me, you can buy copies of his first book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, as Fair Trade Books; they'll cost $5 + $5 for shipping in North America, more elsewhere, discount on shipping multiple books to the same address. And I'll accept any contributions any cat lovers want to make to the Cat Sanctuary.

But you do not have my permission to impersonate me...even in order to send money to Rand Paul. I don't think the Senator would like that. I certainly don't.

If foreign interests are impersonating me in order to participate illegally in U.S. politics, that's a crime, and I'm not willing to be an accomplice. Attention Google and Yahoo, attention all foreign readers, attention all readers in the U.S. government. I've been hacked, and I want to be monitored. I am not planning to travel widely in the next three months. If I go online from anywhere other than the southwestern point of Virginia or the northeastern corner of Tennessee, I'll announce that here. If any Yahoo or Paypal activity in my name can be traced to a computer in any other part of the world, that constitutes identity theft and I will so testify in court.

And remember, Grandma Bonnie Peters has been hacked too...she is both older and, at the moment, busier than I am, but I'm sure she would testify against the hackers also.