Friday, March 1, 2013

Phenology: Ice and Snow--Not Here

Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing Kayre's photos from Kingsland Bay:

This is so not what we have in Gate City today. We have received some calls about this, with the Weather Channel hyping its graphic of a winter storm that looks as if we were catching the edge of the thing. Well...the very edge. Snow has stuck on the north side of the heights of the Clinch Mountain. In Gate City and Nickelsville we have seen a few flakes, but they've not stuck. It's just another cloudy, chilly day.

I'm wearing socks with my sand shoes, and on the way to the computer center I put on my trench coat (the one without the heavy lining), but couldn't keep it buttoned. Nothing froze last night.

Crocuses are flourishing. A few daffodils are showing buds as well as leaf shoots. Birds are, however, staying out of the wind.