Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Fight a 68-Year-Old Congressman

Former Congressman Rick Boucher used to describe his work as "fightin' for the Ninth District." In New York, his colleague, 68-year-old Republican Peter King, took this idea to a whole new level. Madeleine Morgenstern shares the video of him sparring with 31-year-old prizefighter Josh Foley:

So who wins? Nobody wins, of course. Unless you're under serious attack by a completely demented patient, how can you punch someone twice your age? Duh. You goof around, you raise money for the cause that motivated the Congressman to put on this silly stunt...and then people say the whole show was unethical anyway.

But if Peter King wants to run for reelection, I'm guessing all the voters will remember his name now.