Monday, March 25, 2013

Should Planned Parenthood Employees Quit?

Actually, what Abby Johnson is encouraging people to quit is working for abortionists...but if you signed on with Planned Parenthood in the belief that a lot of people were seeking help to prevent pregnancy, and what you found yourself doing was working for an abortionist, you might seek an "exodus" from this job. Johnson has declared a Day of Exodus when she wants to offer her skills and connections to people who, like her, want to stop abetting abortion.

Why is this web site linking to this one of Billy Hallowell's stories? We do not (so far as we know) owe him any money; we've linked to many stories by Billy Hallowell that were more inspiring than this one. However, certain organizations have a history of blocking and burying Internet searches for certain other organizations--a kind of unofficial censorship, which this web site opposes in all ways and always--and so I want to paste in this snippet from a comment:

"Perhaps having a website with whatever necessary embedded in it so that search terms such as “what is planned parenthood like” or “what are working conditions like at planned parenthood” or “planned parenthood jobs” or “planned parenthood volunteer” come up with your site. Allow the page to be freely copied by others with the same view and have them link to yours with the current info, in case they don’t update theirs frequently. Having lots of websites with the info means it will be difficult for search sites to block them all."

Good point there, and in the interests of blocking censorship...let's also mention that another comment, telling a story that's been used to discredit Abby Johnson, discredits her co-workers at Planned Parenthood at least as much as it does her.

Planned Parenthood is a charity I've supported. I believe we are an overcrowded species, as is shown by widespread unemployment and the emergence of a homosexual lobby, and need to choose to produce fewer and better babies. I do not believe it's medically or ethically viable to treat abortion as just another option for the careless; it's a life-threatening operation that should be reserved for life-threatening emergencies. There's more to this lecture but it's barred by contract from appearing on this web site. The bottom line is that if we're supporting women's right to choose, that would be their right to choose not to risk becoming pregnant in the first place.

Should women like me, who are not really involved with Planned Parenthood but have patronized sales or stores organized for their benefit, withhold our support from the organization because it asks workers to facilitate abortions? I would say, not as long as the organization respects its workers' right to choose to help young couples in ways that are more, well, helpful. If Planned Parenthood is in fact pressuring workers to participate in abortions, then a mass exodus is appropriate. Help this organization rethink and regroup.

If Abby Johnson is exaggerating the pressure, then just ignore her, don't do the mass exodus, and let her deal with the consequences. There's no need to censor, block, or bury information. The cure for false information is true information. If people know that a former Planned Parenthood worker is out there calling for a mass exodus on the eighth of April, and on the eighth of April no mass exodus occurs and other Planned Parenthood workers say they like their work, then we'll know that either the problem Johnson reports was exaggerated or else it's been resolved. Either way, a good thing. The bad thing would be for Planned Parenthood to participate in unofficial censorship.