Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Support Rand Paul's Filibuster

If you don't want the military combat devices known as drones (unmanned aircraft) conducting continual surveillance of your neighborhood, you may wish to send your support to Senator Rand Paul this week. Here's a link that can be used for that purpose:

What's shameful in this story? Senator McCain is one of the most heroic public figures in the United States today. Senator Paul, though younger, is also an honorable man. This web site is getting tired of the shaming and blaming of people we respect, although this has been a year when several of those people have grievously disappointed this web site, and we have wondered, when people like Congressman Griffith and Ken Cuccinelli cave on Obamacare, what they could possibly have been thinking. We would like to see more clarification of what's going on, and less verbal abuse. However, in the confrontation between Senators Paul and McCain, this web site can see what they're thinking.

They are thinking about a legislative proposal that's badly written even by the standards of the U.S. Congress, blurring the obvious and crucial distinction between a strategy used against enemies in war (as which drones can fairly be described as humane and ethical) and a strategy used to harass and spy on law-abiding citizens on American soil (as which drones can fairly be described as unconstitutional).

Senator McCain is right--it's good to deploy drones when doing so can spare the lives of military personnel for whom a mission might otherwise be suicidal.

Senator Paul is right--it's evil to use drones to spy on private citizens in peacetime.

And this web site says shame on both of them for even debating about a bill that fails to distinguish between these two completely different things. That's like failing to distinguish between using a knife to peel an apple and using a knife to stab someone in the back...and our Senators need to step back, stall the issue, block the badly written bill, and write better ones.

So, this web site here sides with Senator Paul, and urges other members of Congress to lend their aid to drafting the sane legislation on the use of drones that we so urgently need.