Friday, March 15, 2013

If You Missed Beck on Common Core...

If you didn't watch Glenn Beck's prime-time show about the "Common Core" proposed national curriculum last night, click here for video clips:

(Copying and sharing are encouraged, but this computer will neither copy nor play the video clips, which are what it's all about.)

Here's Tiffany Gabbay's report, with more text, citing different interviewees and probably giving different video clips:

Gentle Readers, I apologize for not posting something yesterday about Glenn Beck's wise decision to move a story of interest to families to a time slot where more families will probably be able to watch it together. Karen Bracken had e-mailed out the announcement. Six or eight other people had e-mailed announcements about this or that speech conservative readers would want to watch at CPAC. I tried pasting all the links into one post, then thought that most of them linked to the same web sites, and those of you who like to watch speeches rather than read the text probably already know:

(1) Glenn Beck now has his own TV channel; if you have TV but don't get this channel, you can sign up for it here:;

(2) Those who want to watch CPAC live can do so at;

(3) And if you'd rather be more selective and view only speeches of particular interest to you, you can do that at

I don't even watch TV, so why was I using my limited online time writing about it? Then after leaving the computer center I thought, "I really should have mentioned that Beck's 'Common Core' show would be at 7 p.m. this week." Apologies to Beck, apologies to Bracken, apologies to everyone else out there...