Thursday, March 7, 2013

Common Core Helps Glenn Beck Unite Families?

The first paragraph of this e-mail is for real. The second is presumably a joke:

"Please tell everyone you know to watch Glenn Beck tonight at 5pm. He will be covering CSCOPE (the Common Core of Texas…but much worse) and Common Core. He will have teachers from Texas and other guests. This is a way for us to educate a lot of people if we can get them to watch. You can watch over the internet too.

You can sign up for a free 2 week trial for the Blaze TV on the internet. Sign up…watch the show and then cancel."
Fair disclosure: I watch very little TV--the Cat Sanctuary has never even housed a TV set. And I would never suggest that people who normally cook, eat, talk to family members about work/school, or drive, at 5 p.m., watch TV at that hour. Unless a local lurker comes into the computer center and invites me, I will not watch this show myself. However, if you're going to watch TV, and in my part of the world this is definitely the kind of weather that suggests sitting around indoors, Beck on CSCOPE is a real news program that will not be re-broadcast at 6 p.m.
Attention senior readers! This is going to be a TV show in which a relatively young person explains why the younger generation are in trouble.
Attention teen readers! This is going to be a TV show in which an adult explains why your school is so inadequate and boring.
Attention working parents! This is going to be a TV show in which you, your parents, and your children are likely to find grounds for agreement.
Anyone tempted to exploit pay-per-view TV by signing up to watch one show and then cancel...may regret it the next time there's a show you want to watch. A more public-spirited alternative would be to call ten or twelve friends, pick one to be the subscriber, and share the cost of that person's subscription for a year, or three months, or whatever the best deal is. Designated subscribers beware--you'll have to host TV parties every time your pay-per-view channel does something interesting. Then again, if you want to see more of the grandchildren, that might be a plus.