Monday, March 4, 2013

Pris Sounds Off: Read Lloyd Marcus on Unity

There's not a single national Tea Party. There is a grassroots movement of small groups and individuals who agree that we're "Taxed Enough Already" and need to oppose further government bloat. And as this web site so often reminds everybody, there's never been any requirement that these people be informed, intelligent, sincere, or even sober.

I get e-mail from Tea Parties representing each of the four main national parties--one Green, two Democratic, two Libertarian, nine Republican, on a regular basis. I've also heard about some Tea Parties from whom I don't want to receive e-mail.

Maybe we don't want to commit to a single national platform or agenda, maybe we should continue opposing government bloat in our various ways, but Lloyd Marcus makes some good points about remembering what our real enemy is. Unity is political strength. There's room for diversity but in-fighting won't help anybody.