Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Book Review: Mind Joggers

Title: Mind Joggers
Author: Susan S. Petreshene
Date: 1985
Publisher: Center for Applied Research in Education
ISBN: 0-87628-583-3
Length: 208 pages of mind joggers, 14 pages of introduction
Quote: “For most teachers unplanned-for extra minutes occur from time to time...not enough for a formal lesson but...sufficient for a worthwhile activity...that requires no preparation.”
For most students, even in elementary school, these activities probably won’t make them “think.” “Think,” without emphasis, perhaps. Some cerebral activity is involved in making a list of things that are hot, explaining why “peach” is different from “carrot, potato, green bean,” or what category something fits into (“A bus is a type of transportation”)...but it’s not intense, or prolonged, or creative, or likely to be joyous thought.
Especially not if it’s supervised by a humor-challenged, imagination-deficient teacher: “A student once said that a broom could be used to break a window. This appeared to be nothing more than a silly response. However, when asked to explain, she said, ‘If there were a fire you could use a broom to break the window to get out.’” We all know the sequel, although Petreshene doesn’t type it out: “And then, because the other students were bored and confined, and because the teacher had called attention to Brooke’s response, they all started teasing Brooke about having given a goofy answer. And Brooke, who was mature and precocious enough to see that nobody actually wanted a good answer that was different from their own lame and stale answers, didn’t volunteer another answer in another class until her junior year at university.”
Anyway, this book can be used to fill in extra minutes at school, but it’s likely to get even more use if parents use it to start car games. Although these activities aren’t likely to be terribly new or stimulating for the six-to-twelve-year-old set, they probably will make four-year-olds “think,” and they will, in any case,give kids something to do besides bickering.

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