Monday, March 9, 2015

Link Log for March 9

Today's Categories: Animals, Food, Health, Music, Travel, and since I spent most of my online time hack-writing, that's all.


Angel Sharum tracks a big dog through snow further south in Tennessee...


+Coral Levang cooks a balanced bachelor meal:


Angel Sharum has discovered the key to freedom from headaches...the part that bothers me is that, in Tennessee and in Virginia, there are a lot of people who would continue to suffer from headaches (and even take pain pills) rather than, shudder, be seen walking. We need a massive media blitz to shift more of the sick and suffering masses from thinking "Why are people walking? Did their car break down, or were their licenses revoked?" toward thinking "Why are people driving? Are they just stopping at this store half a mile from home on their way to Atlanta, or maybe because what they're buying is a full-size refrigerator...or are they driving half a mile because something is wrong with one of them?"


This is the day I do Persona Paper this month, Some Persona Paper...personas?...have been posting about songs; if you click on this link you'll find lots more links to musical memory posts, many with links to sites where you can listen to the songs. I picked this one to share because +Coral Levang was one of a lot of people who kept "The Girl from Ipanema" popular long after its original release. I didn't sing it, myself, but played it on piano, worked out a bearable version for autoharp, and may still own a recording where somebody had arranged it for hammer dulcimer. A great tune. Read more about why CL loves it here:


Even when a place fits a it envy that people express when they make the assumption, "Oh the only reason you'd go there would be to..."?