Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busting Bubblews

Gentle Readers, there's actually a web site dedicated to busting Bubblews:

I'm adding it to my Google feed. If you're a Bubbler, or are interested in law and public policy and/or ethics and/or international relations, I recommend that you add it too. Quite informative.

In communication with the Federal Trade Commission, please mention complaint #59993228.

(Even if they assign a separate number to your separate complaint...which I hope they do, actually. Numbers are important. The FTC need to see lots of numbers so they can appreciate the need to mandate that, under federal law, if a U.S.-based company has a web site that displays an amount of money the company is supposed to send any person, that company has a maximum of 24 hours to send that payment, in full, before the FTC shuts down their web site and imposes a fine on them. Arvind and Jason thought it was very clever to have a computer automatically promise payments... and the rest of us thought that letting a computer publicly promise payments that the company didn't have and didn't intend to make would have been covered by existing laws about fraudulent advertising.)