Thursday, March 19, 2015

Link Log for March 19

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As this web site has often said...animals that weigh more than 20 or 25 pounds should not roam around without their humans. Not dogs, not horses, not cows, and especially not wolves, bears, coyotes, or elk.

And, for a change, moose!

Armed Citizens


How many of these books with confusing titles have you read?

British Royalty 

How could U.S. citizens not like the British royal family better than our own elected officials? The House of Windsor have no authority over our public policy, so there's nothing they could possibly mess up. All they have to do is be good television--which they are. (If they actually had to win elections in this country, I don't think any of them would win anything.)


Shared, with a moment of silence, in memory of our late friend Oogesti's late wife, the lighthouse souvenir lover.

Images of rippling water sort of match images of lighthouses...


An online job for foodies...I briefly considered applying for it, then thought it sounded more like sales than like writing or data processing. If you do better with sales through social media, go for it.

Yet another way/reason to love dandelions...


Living with chronic conditions is sort of about health, right?


In England, the Scarce Tortoiseshell Butterfly...looks a lot like one of the most common butterflies in Virginia; we'll be seeing them any day now. Apparently it looks a lot like a common butterfly in England too, but it's a separate species, and scarce.

From Canada...


Couldn't agree more with +Theresa Wiza :