Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ten Random Thoughts

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on October 14, 2014. Topic credit: Angterese13 posted . Image credit: Authormichellehughes at Morguefile:

Timed writing "challenges" are supposed to be done at the beginning of a writing day, but let's see if I can at least think of something amusing at the end...

1. White pines on the hillside are tossing in the wind (hello, BeaShe ).

2. The rain seems to have slacked off.

3. Which is nice, because I forgot to bring an umbrella this morning, which is never a good idea in this part of the world.

4. They're blocking off the parking lot and traffic lanes below this building to set up for Home Crafts Days outside the college, so my car pool will be stopping half a block away on a corner with no shelter.

5. Home Crafts Days is a major tourist attraction and great fun if you have money to spend, which I don't. The community college campus is packed with craftspeople selling all kinds of traditional arts and crafts stuff, writers selling and signing books, and people demonstrating everything from wool spinning to soap boiling.

6. It's where I got my wonderful dried pennyroyal sachets, which have not gone sour or moldy and still exude wonderful anti-flea odors in the rooms the cats are allowed to hang out in...I bought those little packets like five years ago.

7. They're not keeping the cats flea-free, this year--nothing could--but the cats say they've helped. (My cats say lots of things to me, nonverbally, about their lives as cats. No, they don't speak English. No, they don't understand much of what humans do, nor are they very patient when things humans do interfere with the services they know humans were meant to provide for cats.)

8. Also at Home Crafts Days I bought the official Cherokee tribal record books in which you can look up your ancestors' names and find out whether you can legally reclaim your Cherokee heritage (if any). A lot of people who've not yet bought those books need them.

9. I'd better type fast in time to shut down the computer and meet the car pool.

10. So good evening to all.