Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Review: Buttons to Wear

Title: Buttons to Wear
Author: Jean Kievlan

Author's blog:
Date: 1991
Publisher: Design Originals by Suzanne McNeil
ISBN: none, but click here to see it on Amazon
Length: 12 pages
Quote: “Buttons to wear as earrings or button covers...we can wear a visible symbol of our talents wherever we go.”
This mini-book explains how to put buttons together using simple precut wooden shapes and plastic covers. These are glued together and decorated with fine-tip markers and other trimmings, acrylic paint, ribbon, doll hair, and so on. It’s a simple craft that requires more patience with itsy-bitsy materials than anything else. The buttons can be used to fasten jackets or worn as accessories.
Some of these buttons come in matched sets, and some in related sets; you could button a sweater with five little “book” shapes, or you could use a square cookie-sheet design, a round fruit-bowl design, a book shape marked “cooking,” a heart marked “I ♥ cooking,” and a round button with a hairnet around a cook’s face, if you succeed in painting all five designs to suit your requirements.  Some of the buttons match. Anyway, the booklet contains instructions for what are shown as 19 sets of one-inch buttons and 11 two-to-three-inch lapel-type buttons.

Buttons to Wear is a Fair Trade Book. To buy it online, send $5 for the book + $5 for shipping to salolianigodagewi @, and we will send 10% of that price, or $1, to Jean Kievlan or a charity of her choice. You pay only one shipping price for as many books (or other things) as can be shipped in one package, so feel free to throw in a few books by deceased authors (or by corporations) when ordering this thin book.