Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Found Objects on Route 23

I'm sharing this just in case it helps somebody find a stolen vehicle...On Route 23, miles are numbered starting from the Tennessee border. The business route through Gate City branches off the main route around mile 4, and rejoins the main route via a half-cloverleaf overpass around mile 7. Just past the half-cloverleaf, within sight of the 7-mile mark, some objects were apparently dumped out of a vehicle.

Objects I did not think would be worth bringing in out of the rain included some store receipts, a pencil, some balloons that had lost their bounce, and a bright yellow sock. At least it was bright yellow this morning. I don't know what color it may be by now.

What I did bring in out of the rain were two handbags. If by any chance the car was being cleared out by a thief, it might be best that I not describe these handbags except to say that the inner pockets had been turned out--any money, cards, or identifying documents had been removed.

If your car was stolen on Monday or Tuesday, and it contained two handbags that could be cleaned up and reused after lying out in the rain overnight, you might want to visit that section of Route 23, westbound, between the ramps and the first exit, right about where the 7-mile marker would be. (The actual marker was knocked down in a crash years ago.)

If you want the handbags, visit the Mountain Treasures store on Jackson Street in Gate City. I asked the storekeeper to hold them for a while in case they came out of a stolen car. They were nearly new bags. The words "black" and "white" would probably be used to describe them.