Thursday, March 5, 2015

Have You Been Cheated by Bubblews?

Drops of water turn a mill, Gentle Readers. There is power in numbers. Little tiny raindrops and snowflakes, together, made the snowstorms and floods that are doing so much damage today.

As regular readers know, owes me $120 and some change. (Yes, still.) I live in Virginia, as apparently do Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari. Virginia has no Small Claims Court; it costs more than $120 to go to court to collect a debt. For this reason Arvind and Jason have counted on being able to stay in operation without ever paying what they owe me. While some Bubblers have speculated that Arvind's and Jason's selection of whom they actually paid, and whom they shamelessly cheated, was random or based on personal favoritism, I suspect that the cost of processing different people's small claims was a factor.

I really did e-mail U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith about these scammers staying in business and announcing plans to continue to cheat people, even for substantial amounts of money, whenever the cost of prosecution would exceed the amount Bubblews would owe these people. Bubblews did well by some people before the boys got over their heads in debt, and I'm sorry about this, but Bubblews needs to be brought to a screeching halt.

To my surprise, one of the legislative assistants who actually read e-mail sent to Congressmen, many of whom are university students, tried to reply by phone rather than e-mail. I don't know what her problem with e-mail was--for me it's faster and cheaper to use e-mail for anything public--but I borrowed a phone that's on an unlimited-monthly-minutes plan and talked to her on the phone, so I could hear this young lady say that this kind of complaint ought to be shared with the Federal Trade Commission. Numbers are the key there, she suggested. She even said the FTC might be able to work something out with the governments of other countries where Bubblews has cheated people.

If you are an American Bubbler who never received a promised payment, e.g. +Coral Levang , +Theresa Wiza , Donald Pennington, and others, you can help all of us by contacting the FTC. Here's the page where you start:

Although your complaints will probably be processed separately, you may want to mention this Official Complaint Number somewhere in your complaint (as in "I'm another victim of the scam of which Priscilla King complained to you on March 4, 2015, in complaint #5993228").