Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dave Brat Feels Rejected

Another precinct heard from...U.S. Representative Dave Brat (R-VA-7) e-mails to ask fiscal conservatives for support. This web site has no votes in the Seventh District. I don't know whether we have readers in that district. We will, however, share Congressman Brat's message...once. We can't do this every time an elected official seeks reelection, but we suspect that this message may become a valuable historical document.

Dave Brat wrote:

I refused to support Barack Obama's illegal amnesty in Congress – and now I'm under attack.

On amnesty, the Republican leadership and political elites in Washington DC are throwing our principles and the Constitution out the door – and now they're throwing me under the bus.

Not only has the GOP House leadership failed to live up to its promise to fight tooth-and-nail against Barack Obama's outrageous, unconstitutional overreach – they're actually directly attacking members like me who wouldn't go along with their capitulation.

You read that right. In retribution for refusing to accept the GOP surrender to President Obama's illegal amnesty scheme, I'm being blasted by $400,000 worth of media attack ads and telephone campaigns – by establishment groups run by former leadership staff!

I was elected to Congress by the people of Virginia's 7th District precisely because they oppose just this kind of arrogant dismissal of their wishes by Washington's political elite – and I will continue to do sobut I need your help.

Will you help me stand up to the immense pressure being directed at me by making an urgent contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 today?

There's more than just amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants at stake here – we're talking about the rule of law.

The Constitution of the United States grants the Congress the right of making laws. Republican capitulation to Barack Obama's "executive action" to subvert the Constitution will only embolden him further.

In fact, the President's Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, has already declared that Obama is "very interested" in using executive action to raise taxes.

If we don't draw the line against the undermining of the Constitution for political advantage now, the Congress might as well close for business – and that's why I so desperately need your support – so please stand with me today. "