Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Link Log for March 4

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Clever octopus figures out how to photograph itself, then photograph a researcher...but fails to figure out how to eat the camera.

Owls, snow leopards, maybe more if your computer was not "updated" in such a way that you've had to reinstall Chrome and now Chrome is infuriatingly trying to "personalize your settings."

Lots and lots of dogs here, and some cats.

More dogs, and song lyrics.

Indoor cats, and how not to have to look at litter boxes:


All I intended to do was retweet a quote that's already received hundreds of retweets all by itself. I wouldn't retype it here without some editing. However, since some sort of glitch, probably a cookie clash, allowed over two hundred Tweeple to retweet this image while telling me "Your account may not be allowed to perform this action," here's the image in all its rude glory...with apologies to real liberals, who by definition never oppose freedom of speech.


"A clean house is the sign of a broken sewing machine."


Virginia has floods. (Gate City's Grogan Park is under water. Big Stone Gap schools closed early as low-lying neighborhoods evacuated. This is a good day not to be in Clinchport. I smiled though when someone tweeted that Johnson City, Tennessee, is having nice sunny weather. Enjoy it while you can...the water is heading your way.) And South Africa has fires...


I think one reason why this computer has been throwing fits is that Twitter appears to be unable to handle the mass of phenology posts people are putting up. I follow local news headline feeds and just about every town out here in the point of Virginia seems to be represented by a few flood images. Highway police are encouraging people to go home and post these flood pictures to warn people not to drive if they can avoid it. Here's a sample:

And more of this is on the way...

The strangest weather news this week has been the "temperature gap" between Virginia and Tennessee. Really dramatic, as if warm breezes were stopped at the state line. On Sunday a friend in Carters Valley, just across the line, called to say it was 62 degrees Fahrenheit where he was. It wasn't even 42 degrees where I was; I think 38 was my afternoon high. Again today, a friend's cell phone reported the temperature from Johnson City as 61 degrees just as the bank thermometer on East Jackson Street was flashing an afternoon near-high of 49...which felt pretty good, actually, after last week's single digits. Johnson City's temperatures usually run about 5 Fahrenheit degrees higher than ours, due to lower altitude and local warming. This has been bizarre.

To our east, a pretty little bird--a male Painted Bunting--got lost and has been seen floundering about in the snow, looking very pitiful.


Poem for a black-and-white-and-gray day:


Publius Huldah's Ohio appearance has been rescheduled due to weather. (If I'd been online on Monday I would have logged the announcement of her Indiana appearances, too.)

Yes, I retweeted a graphic asserting that our current presidential administration is failing us by relying on a failed ideology. Yes, left-wingers often fail their fellow believers by failing to recognize the difference between correction and hate, or even condemnation. When we tell you that totalitarian government almost always implodes, and totalitarian methods do more harm than good, that's a correction--like turning the wheel while driving a car. When haters call for totalitarian measures like censorship or deportation, that's more like scrapping the car.


So, why don't decent Muslims denounce the sick-minded ones? In some countries physical intimidation explains it, but in the U.S. surely... ??? This Christian minister's explanation (e-mailed by Patricia Evans) may be true:

Golda Meir said: "We will have peace with the Arabs only when they love their children more than they hate us." (Tweeted by Lance Silver.)


Incredibly, the Gate City (Lady) Blue Devils are reported to be heading to flooded Tazewell for another basketball game. On their way to the state title...even if they get caught in the snow out there!

"Virginia boys regional games WILL be played tonight at Richlands. Girls WILL be played at Tazewell"

Right. This is enough links for one day. Local lurkers, time to tune in for the game.