Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review: A Companion Project Book for Texture with Textiles

Title: A Companion Project Book for Texture with Textiles
Author: Linda McGehee

Author's web site:
Date: not shown
Publisher: Ghee’s
ISBN: 09637160-1-8
Length: not numbered
Quote: “This project book is designed as an accessory to Texture with Textiles and More Texture with Textiles.”
Some of the techniques discussed in this book were explained in those books. Others are explained in other books, such as The Machine Embroidery Handbook. However, you will need special sewing machine accessories to use these technological tricks, whether they’re explained here, or elsewhere, or already familiar to you. (Most of them are familiar to hand embroiderers, which is how it's possible for people to use and resell this book.)
Techniques discussed in this book include couching, cording, fringing, pintucking, tape appliqué, ordinary appliqué, cutwork (with buttonhole stitch around the cut-outs), quilt piecing and patching. The book also contains a pattern for an elaborate machine-sewn handbag.
Not one of your glamorous full-color craft books, this one is printed in black and white on just one side of each sheet of ordinary printer paper, then spiral-bound at the top. Usually chosen primarily to reduce printing costs, this bookbinding technique does have its uses for craft books; you can make notes and sketches on the back of every page, and photocopying just one or two pages to carry around is easy.

A Companion Project Book to Textures with Textiles is a Fair Trade Book. To buy it here, you send $5 for the book + $5 shipping to salolianigodagewi @, and we send $1 to Linda McGehee or a charity of her choice. You pay only one shipping charge for as many books as ship in one package, and this is a slim book.