Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Her First Time Out

(Reclaimed from Bubblews, where it appeared on May 13, 2014. Photo is mine.)

This is one of Heather's and Irene's combined family of kittens. Probably Heather's, going by the tortoiseshell coloring and long tail. 

I had to consult my names database, compiled from various dictionaries and other books, to find Thai or at least Asian names for the Siamese-crossbreed kittens. This one's peculiar face and personality reminded me of her great-grand-aunt Mogwai, so Gwai, a Chinese word that seems to translate all the senses in which Americans use "weird," seemed like a good name for her. It's not her official name; she's not answering to it. 

Someone out there is sure to ask, "How will such a funny-looking mixed-breed kitten ever find a home?" The answer is of course that she already has a permanent home. If she hadn't had one, she wouldn't be here; her mother would have been spayed. 

Anyway, here she is, exploring the last remaining white violets in the not-a-lawn. (I encourage just about anything that will grow on this steep slope.) If she looks as if she's finding the world of fresh air and sunshine everything from "exotic and fascinating" to "spooky and sinister," that's probably because she is...she's spent the whole month or so she's been alive, except for a few minutes yesterday afternoon, in a dark corner inside the house.

(Update: Gwai always was a "strange and spooky" kitten. In adolescence she made it plain that, although part of her quirkiness was just her personality, another part was that she didn't like me. So she moved out. Apparently she wasn't a satisfactory replacement for the late lamented Khon and Bucky, either. I don't know what's become of her by now.)