Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Review: Tatting for Today

Title: Tatting for Today
Author: DMC Corporation
Date: 1980
Publisher: DMC Corporation
ISBN: none, but click here to see it on Amazon
Length: 28 pages including covers
Quote: “Tatting is a knotting technique that is done with a tatting shuttle, either one or two.”
Tatting is used to make lace, and this booklet shows how to make three lace edgings to attach to any piece of fabric that needs a border, 32 Christmas tree ornaments, a round collar with matching cuffs, a V-neck collar with matching cuffs, three necklaces, four pincushion tops, and three little flower motifs suitable for gluing onto notepaper.
Beyond that, although I feel qualified to sell this book secondhand, I don’t feel qualified to review it. Before dedicating my needlecraft time and space to knitting I had learned how to do sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, crewelwork, quilting, braiding, hand weaving, and crochet, but I’ve never tatted. These small projects require minimal investments in supplies and have a charming Victorian-country look. How they compare to other tatted projects, I wouldn’t know. The book includes instructions on the basic tatting techniques, and looks beginner-friendly.

Because tatting is an obscure topic, this little book is becoming a collector's item. To buy it here send salolianigodagewi @ yahoo.com $10 + $5 for shipping. Unfortunately this is not the work of a living author who will receive money on the deal, so we recommend buying this book here along with any Fair Trade Book, for which the author will receive 10% of the total cost (including shipping). Only one shipping charge applies to any package, however many books we can squeeze into it.