Monday, March 16, 2015

Link Log for March 16

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More border collies, plus an online guide to a walking tour of Seattle...should this go under "travel" instead of "animals"?

Electronic Stuff 

I don't think Yahoo is seriously trying to help people who keep forgetting their passwords. Why not? Because Yahoo's trying to force its "phone verification" system on people who've never once forgotten their Yahoo e-mail passwords. (I've mistyped mine--rather often when it's been the "strong" kind, with random characters, that Yahoo recommends--but never reset one because I'd forgotten it. Yahoo keeps badgering me to add a cell phone number to each e-mail account, just the same.) What Yahoo is trying to do is cash in on a few leaks that allow sales pests to get their nasty little hands on a lot of people's cell phone numbers. If you can afford to buy a cell phone you don't actually use, maybe the five-dollar kind that you load with prepaid minutes, and load it with the minimal number of minutes and then turn it off permanently, and feed that number into the Internet, then you can afford to add a phone number to your profile on a web site. If you can't afford that luxury, this web site recommends never, under any circumstances, using any phone number that you currently use on any web site whatsoever.


Apologies: this Blaze page contains annoying ads--well below their usual level of annoyingness.


+Theresa Wiza shares what she's learned about asthma:

My own, but it might help somebody out there...I only regret that a blog post can't be more specific.


Brent Parrish remembers M. Stanton Evans, and his Law of Inadequate Paranoia, in a piece that's, well, much more than the usual obituary...


Reminding Republicans to think beyond their box...