Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Link Log for March 25

Today's Categories: Animals In Need, Breaking News, Crafts, Economics, History.

Animals In Need 

Florida is soon to lose one of its cutest hounds. Stroll through a Florida neighborhood with Valentino here:

...and, if you're feeling munificent, help him and his human relocate here:

The lovable residents of the Cat Sanctuary appreciate readers' support, too. E-mail salolianigodagewi @ for information about how you can support this web site if the "Support My Blog" button isn't working. (With most computers I use, it's never worked.) If the button is working for you, please note that, although you can send $5 to us as "Friends and Family," we get only $4.50 if you use a Paypal "donate" button these days.

Breaking News 

This web site has been documenting the poisonous effects of glyphosate on humans and animals from the beginning, and now the World Health Organization has confirmed:

(Yes, this is about those "Roundup Ready" crops, like corn, rice, and peanuts, that should be safe for gluten-intolerant people like me to eat. These days they often make me sick because, in order for these foods to grow in fields saturated with glyphosate, the plants have been genetically modified--made more similar to wheat--by having genes from a species of bacteria that causes drastic food poisoning spliced into them. These days I'm spending less time feeling sick because I'm avoiding far more kinds of food than I ought to be. But I'm neither healthy nor happy.)


Splendid socks...


+Theresa Wiza shares a more detailed economic analysis of the minimum wage concept...

than this simple one:


Thanks to Elizabeth Barrette for sharing the link to these illustrations of medieval "particoloured" clothes: