Thursday, March 26, 2015

Link Log for March 26 (#2)

Categories: Education, Health, Politics, Travel.


School choice wins in Alabama!


Not all diabetics want to hear it, but...most adult-onset diabetes is caused by the diet and exercise choices people make, and can be reversed if they commit to making different choices before they're completely disabled by the disease. (Without looking it up, I believe Ralph Moody wrote about doing this, on the advice of his doctor, in the 1930s.) While some people become diabetic as a result of other things, such as permanent damage caused by injuries, the majority of people who are currently taking insulin could choose not to be diabetic. Adayahi has been doing this for many years; Grandma Bonnie Peters has been doing it longer than Mike Huckabee. Here's another blog by another self-cured diabetic:


Seizure of a suspect's assets without a trial...we'd guess the average high school student would agree that that's obviously banned by the Bill of Rights. There are members of the current administration who don't see it, though. Frontline report on the ongoing congressional debate:


Professional-quality photos at this New York State nature/tourism blog.