Saturday, July 6, 2013

Carolyn Elkins: Tea Party Terrorists?

Warmly recommended:

Seems the canard about the Tea Party being "racist" is still floating around, too. Any truth in it? We note that, which can afford to pay writers (we are sooo envious), regularly features Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Jonah Goldberg among the big-name writers Tea Partiers can be counted on to recognize and read. They wouldn't do this if it didn't work. We subscribe to Lloyd Marcus too, and it occurs to me as I type this that I have no idea what Karen Bracken, Patricia Evans, Liz Klimas, Billy Hallowell, Jonathan M. Seidl, or for that matter most of our Tea Party contacts look like. (Terresa Monroe-Hamilton does post photos with her articles; because she's in Canada I perhaps stereotypically see her face as French, which is how many people see my face.) I think this web site posts a reasonable number of links to the work of Anglo-American writers, but I honestly don't know. Do we need to post more links to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh just for ethnic balance?

Gentle Readers, I appeal to you. Will everyone out there please ask one e-friend who's not involved with anything Tea Party-related whether they've heard that the Tea Party is racist. Then share with them two samples of Tea Party-related web sites that contain lots of links to other writers beside the owner(s) of the sites. Try to pick one large, well-funded one and one small, bloggy, poorly-funded one. I recommend and