Friday, July 12, 2013

Governor McDonnell Doesn't Need the Felon Vote, Does He?

Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell isn't supposed to need the votes of an estimated 100,000 convicted felons whose voting rights he's being pushed to restore. He's ineligible to run for governor again and unlikely to be elected to any other office. So why...?

Aha...the Tides Foundation, the surviving extreme-left group funded by the great dinosaur George Soros, who seems uncomfortable being the last well-known person still holding the political views that got his parents into trouble in the 1930s, and wants to bequeath those mistaken ideas to the most ignorant sectors of the living population.

The first couple of comments at seem to miss the point. The petition to deny the Tides Foundation's demand is not about "punishing people for their whole lives." Felons who have served their time, made restitution, and become law-abiding adult citizens have always had the right to appeal for restoration of their voting rights. The petition is to avoid setting up a policy that would automatically restore voting rights to convicted felons, without a review of their having earned those rights.

Fellow Virginians, if you think convicted felons should be able to recover their citizenship on an individual case-by-case basis, click here:

Thanks to Patricia Evans for these links.