Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Equal Rights for Widows, Including "Gay" Widows

Mat Staver invites his e-friends to go ahead and let the advocates of same-sex marriage call us bigots...

"Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy labeled those who oppose same-sex “marriage” as oppressors and selfish bigots.

Priscilla, are you willing to be called a “bigot” for believing that God’s law defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman? Are you willing to be accused of a “hate crime” for speaking out in favor of natural marriage? 

If you are, then you are joined by many tens of millions of Americans and the tens of thousands of supporters who have endorsed our powerful Marriage Solidarity Statement.

Our Statement boldly declares that the Christian community will stand in solidarity on this vital issue!

Redefining marriage is a line we cannot and will not cross!

Join us today in signing the Marriage Solidarity Statement by going here:

When you go to the Marriage Solidarity page, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch an important video on this vital issue.

The position of this web site is that, basically, Justice Kennedy just outed himself as an oppressor, a selfish bigot, and also a short-sighted failing to defend the equal rights of people who aren't and don't claim to be married.

E.g. not only the rights of same-sex couples who don't want to try to imitate traditional marriage, although yes, certainly, them too, but also the rights of the approximately 49% of people who have been married who will outlive their spouses.

The flapping and squawking about who can be called "married" is, of course, a sop to the noisiest group of the majority of humankind who are being oppressed and discriminated against by certain laws that were intended to encourage young people to choose formal marriage over common-law marriage. While this web site would like to support anything that encourages people to take responsibility for their children, the effect of efforts to promote formal marriage is to prevent people from leaving estates to or being cared for by anyone but their official wife/husband or a child of their officially registered marriage.

Given that very few married couples die at exactly the same time, this means at least 49% of all people who have been married aren't going to have wives/husbands to inherit their homes and sit with them in the hospital. Actually, the percentage increases when we consider how many of the living spouses of disabled people are also disabled. Some of these people may be able to count on a son or daughter, but, without crunching the numbers, it seems reasonable to estimate that a good half of all Americans are going to need to designate someone who is not their wife, husband, or child as their next of kin.

Personally I'm about as bothered by someone else's hypothetical same-sex "marriage" as I was by my sister's little comedy act about my being "married" to my computer. I find neither really hilarious and neither any threat to any real marriage. But I do feel threatened by the amount of money and power being wasted on efforts to use same-sex marriage as a cover-up for the oppression of widows, bachelors, the classic stereotypical "gays" who don't intend to settle down, and geriatric couples who aren't physically able to claim much more in the way of marital rights than a possible right to share a room in a nursing home.

All people should have an undisputed right to name whomever they choose as heir and/or care giver and/or guardian. Homosexuals shouldn't have to settle for "equal" levels of abuse and oppression; they should use their abundant time, and the excess money so many of them have, to support equal justice for all people.

And this web site reserves the right to say that, if they refuse to support equal justice for unmarried people, they are bigots, short-sighted fools, and a Large Part of the Problem.