Friday, July 19, 2013

Homeschoolers' Rights: The Struggle Continues

Madeleine Morgenstern has the latest update on the Romeike homeschool "refugees":

Do laws against homeschooling violate people's human rights? They do if children are being psychologically abused at school--by teachers who mislabel them, refuse to educate them, penalize them for growing and learning in a different way than the majority, attack their parents' religious or philosophical views, allow them to be harassed or bullied by classmates, and so on. And, when parents and students don't have complete freedom of school choice, children will be psychologically abused at school; the opportunity to get away with abuse will attract abusers.

Ask Grandma Bonnie Peters. This web site has already discussed her past as a homeschooling activist, back when the human rights of homeschooling families weren't recognized in the United States, in the early 1980s. She and her children went underground for five months and subjected themselves to incredible socioeconomic hardships during the years when David Peters, 1969-1982, was a poster child for school choice.

We've discussed the United Nations' power grab disguised as a mandate to extend the right to education to children worldwide, too. We are all in favor of children's right to an education. We do not want that right to be compromised by any heavy-handed bit of global imperialism that would, in practice, deprive children of the right to a better than average private education.