Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morgan Griffith on the Successful Delay of Obamacare

This e-mail from Congressman Morgan Griffith arrived separately from the E-Newsletter:

Legislation delaying provisions of Obamacare for one year passed the House of Representatives without my support on July 17, 2013.  The Authority for Mandate Delay Act (H.R. 2667), which would delay the employer mandate, passed by a vote of 264 – 161.   The Fairness for American Families Act (H.R. 2668), which would delay the individual mandate, passed by a vote of 251 – 174.
Like many of my colleagues in the House, I want to be sure that all Americans have access to a health care system that is affordable, high quality, and fair.  I also want to be sure that reforms protect health care services for rural America and for Southwest Virginia seniors.  
I am of the view that Obamacare as drafted cannot work – not today, not in a year's time, not ever.  Most predictions and promises made by President Obama in those areas that have already been implemented have underperformed, underwhelmed, and were over cost. 
The Democrats drafted Obamacare as they wanted it.  They set the timetables.  And then they rammed it through without Republican support.  Ever since, the Administration has been working on the law's implementation, and they haven't been able to make the law work as designed.  I don't believe they can ever make it work as designed.  
In essence, Obamacare is like an abscessed tooth – delaying fixing the problem is not going to make it better; it only makes it worse.  I will continue fighting against Obamacare.
For more information on what is happening in Congress, please visit my website at  www.morgangriffith.house.gov .  If I may be of further assistance to you on this, or any other issue, please feel free to contact me in my Washington, DC office at (202) 225-3861.  I remain "

[The signature graphic, "Sincerely, H. Morgan Griffith" doesn't work in Blogspot, but at least this time it didn't cause the whole e-mail to be misfiled as spam.]

Official response: I know that delaying Obamacare is not going to make it better; I don't understand how it's likely to make it worse. In any case I appreciate Congressman Griffith's opposition to Obamacare. We all need to continue fighting the "train wreck" with a positive alternative as well as determined opposition. I'm glad at least one of our men in Washington is doing that.