Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Exterminating Every Tea Partier?

When the e-mail header is "Congress Plans to Exterminate Every Last Tea Partier," the astute reader thinks, "Oh, this is about a strategy to get people who don't agree that we're Taxed Enough Already into Congress, to replace all the ones who do...Well, probably. Strange things have happened in this administration."

So the good news is that the astute reader's first guess would, in this case, be right:


Fellow Americans, don't agonize, organize. Spread the word. Remind your people on Capitol Hill that we need a medical care plan that has a chance of working, and--thank a veteran--the Veterans Administration has provided us a model that has worked for a long time. Make sure they know that getting rid of Obamacare is not about depriving poor people of medical care; it's about making sure a bankrupt government won't deprive poor people of medical care, ten years down the road. Make sure they know that the good things they enjoy as Congressmen come from the voters, and the voters want a sustainable, reality-based, cost-only-and-no-gambling medical care plan...not the Obamanation of Obamacare.

How corrupt are your elected representatives? You'd know more about that than I would, but I'd like to remind everybody that most human beings are neither altogether good nor altogether bad--they are self-serving. People will generally do what's advantageous to them. If your Congressmen know that you're watching them and that it's advantageous for them to do the right thing, even if it takes some actual work as distinct from voting with a party to enact a bill nobody's even read, then my guess is that most of them will do the right thing.