Thursday, July 11, 2013

Colin Smith's Protest Songs for Conservatives

Public-access computer centers shouldn't be wired for sound. Even when earphones are plugged into computers, too many people seem tempted to turn up the sound high enough to annoy everyone else in the room.

Today, however, I happen to have drawn the computer with the headset, and nobody's glaring at me as I check out the songs of Colin Smith (a connection from Freedom Connector). How to describe this music? The best way that comes to mind is that it could be the sound track for the movie of Glenn Beck's Agenda 21 science-fiction novel.

Here's a nice, mellow, folksy lovesong:

Here's the Springtime of Liberty after the Dark Winter of Statism:

It's YouTube, so you can find more music videos linked to these two. One voice with piano or guitar, no fancy effects, a sound we don't often hear these days unless lucky enough to live with musicians. I'm enjoying it. I'm kind of wishing somebody would make a movie of Agenda 21 and use these songs in it.