Friday, July 12, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli: Fellow Conservative in Need?

This slick professional-looking ad wasn't sponsored, but since we like Ken Cuccinelli we'd like to share it with you. It came from the Conservative Strike Force PAC. If the ad moves you but the "donate" buttons don't work at this web site, visit

Dear Patriot,
Ken Cuccinelli is in trouble.
His election is in a dead heat right now, and the liberal media, left-wing special interest groups, and even the Obama administration have launched a "full-court press" against him.
They'll stop at nothing to destroy his reputation and kill his chances at keeping Virginia's governorship in Republican hands.
Ken needs our help right now!
Virginia is the only swing state electing a governor this year. It is absolutely vital that we keep it in Republican hands.
And Ken Cuccinelli is just the man for the job. He is truly the "Tea Party's Attorney General."
As Virginia's Attorney General, Ken was first in line to challenge the Constitutionality of ObamaCare.
He sued Barack Obama the very same day the bill was signed into law!
He is a steadfast defender of states' rights, the Second Amendment, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility.
And recently, he won the second-largest Medicare fraud case in American history, returning $125 million to his state.
Ken should have this election in the bag. But unfortunately, he's got an uphill battle ahead of him.
You see, Ken's opponent, former Clinton "bag man" Terry McAuliffe, isn't making things easy.
McAuliffe is truly a political animal. He once left his wife and crying newborn son in the car while he attended a Clinton fundraiser... on the way home from the hospital.
And now he is showing his true colors again, calling in every political favor he possibly can from heavy hitters like Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton.
He has solicited every single one of his wealthy out-of-state friends for big-money contributions.
He has traveled all over the coal-rich state of Virginia, cheering on President Obama's job-killing "War on Coal."
And he has threatened to back out of the one debate that has been scheduled between him and Ken Cuccinelli because he'd rather sit back and take cheap shots at this tried-and-true conservative.
Conservative StrikeForce is prepared to launch a flight of radio ads, a targeted online ad campaign, and informational websites to alert Virginia voters to this important election.
But we need your help to make it happen.
My friend, Ken Cuccinelli is the conservative leader that Virginia needs, and he's just the "shot in the arm" our movement needs to kick off the 2014 campaign cycle.
We need to show Barack Obama that swing state voters are fed up with his destructive left-wing policies.
And the best way to do that is to make sure that Ken Cuccinelli sails to victory over Terry McAuliffe in Virginia.
But if we don't get behind Ken with everything we've got right now, he very well may fall short.
For America,
Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative Strike Force PAC"