Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is There a Perfect Job?

Right...I've got a little unanticipated online time this weekend'cos the good word has got out that is finally making vintage public-domain books available in HTML format instead of that awful PDF, and we're getting them while the gettin's good. But I wanted to take a few minutes in between downloads to transfer a tangential discussion, if possible, to this web site:

The commenter known as Sootsme is suggesting that people are ethically responsible for decisions their employers make without consulting them. I maintain, citing as authority the third chapter of Luke in the Bible, that people are ethically responsible only for that portion of their work over which they have some control...that if you are, so far as possible, an honest file clerk, receptionist, or janitor you can't be blamed for the dishonesty of your employer.

Readers? (I'm told it's hard for some people who don't use Blogger/Blogspot to post here; we can take this discussion to my Live Journal if you prefer--it should show up at