Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Victory for Paralyzed Patient Patrick Stein


"20-year-old Patrick Stein suffered a tragic injury that left him with Locked In Syndrome -- he is completely paralyzed but mentally present. He can only communicate with his eyelids. I was Patrick's nurse after this accident and I started a petition after the state of Illinois announced they would no longer provide in-home nursing care for him, which Patrick needs to live.

Thanks to you and more than 105,000 other people who signed my petition, Illinois' Department of Healthcare and Family Services confirmed that they will continue to cover Patrick's nursing care!  
Patrick's parents Colleen and Nick Stein said, "We are so grateful to and all the tens of thousands of people who took time to learn about Patrick's situation and sign the petition. Thank you for giving our son a voice."
As a nurse, I know how hard it is to negotiate with large state healthcare systems, and it can be easy to lose hope. But Governor Quinn not only heard my voice and yours -- he listened to Patrick. 
You can create a petition about something you want to change by using this link like I did:
Mary Jo Harte
Northfield, Illinois"
Hmm...should we have an author label for Mary Jo Harte? She's a nurse not a writer. At some point I'll probably go back and purge a few of these author labels, but currently the system seems to have room for one for her.